{New utility}Activity Timeline for Dynamics CRM 2015

An activity timeline is a chart that depicts how a set of activities were planned over

you’re managing a Sales pipeline and want to illustrate who is doing what and when, or if

you’re organizing a conference and need to show progress, a timeline is often a reasonable

visualization choice.

Sales manager wants to see activities scheduled by the team and see the progress over

time. Also he can plan the future activities after looking at this visualization.

Once planned, can view the future activities and adjust overlapping ones, which is difficult to

monitor on a Grid.

Mentioned below is the youtube link for the same.

Download link: http://1drv.ms/1MMYbQB

  1. Open to the CRM organization and navigate to Settings->Solutions.
  2. Now click on import solution and select the managed solution of activity timeline control.
  3. Now click on next and install the solution. Review that the solution installs without any error.

img1 img2

  1. Now open the entity form on which you want to enable the time line control. Add a new tab and in the tab, add a web resource pointing to “dya_timelinecontrol”



  1. For better visual representation, set the number of rows property to 18.


Save and publish the customizations.

  1. Open the form to see the web resource.


7.   Hover over the dot symbol to view the activities on that date. As per the color coding there will be various activities. If you click on any of the row, it will redirect to the respective activity.