{Encryption tool for Dynamics CRM}

The main purpose of this tool is to provide the user an ability to encrypt sensitive/critical information.

This is particularly relevant in some scenarios in Dynamics 365 implementations such as:

  • Storing Credit card information in Dynamics 365
  • Storing bank account details in Dynamics 365
  • Storing sensitive information such as Public service numbers in Dynamics 365(For example Social security number in US, etc.)

In all such scenarios, there is need to encrypt certain fields in addition to field security. This tool has been developed by myself and a former colleague and current MVP Deepesh

Mentioned below are the two algorithm’s that have been used in the tool.

AES Encryption

AES (acronym of Advanced Encryption Standard) is a symmetric encryption algorithm.

The method looks like this:

  • From the 128-bit key, AES generates 10 keys of 128 bits each.
  • These keys are placed into 4×4 arrays.
  • The plain text is also divided into 4×4 arrays (128 bits each).
  • Each of the 128-bit plain-text items is processed in 10 rounds (10 rounds for 128-bit-keys, 12 for 192, 14 for 256).
  • After the 10th round the code is generated.
  • Each single byte is substituted in an S box and replaced by the reciprocal on GF (2 8).
  • Then a bit-wise modulo-2 matrix is applied, followed by an XOR operation with 63.
  • The lines of the matrices are sorted cyclically.
  • The columns of the matrix multiplication are interchanged on GF (2 8).
  • The sub-keys of each round are subjected to an XOR operation

MD5 Encryption with TES Algorithm

The MD5 algorithm is a widely-used hash function producing a 128-bit hash value. Due to its vulnerabilities, we have combined the MD5 algorithm with another algorithm Triple DES Cryptography to enhance its performance. A configured alphanumeric string is used for computing the hash key.

The video of the tool is available at the following link:


The solution of the tool is available at the following link