Xperido-Dynamics 365 Connection Error

The blog concerns the connectivity error we were getting between Dynamics CRM and Xperido after Dynamics was upgraded from CRM 2016 to Dynamics 365.

We were using Xperido for document generation, with SharePoint Online configured as the document repository. The version of Xperido which we were using was 3.4.1703.2016. When the organisation was still on Dynamics CRM 2016 version, the document generation was working as expected. However, after it was upgraded to Dynamics 365, we started getting connectivity issues between Xperido and Dynamics.

Mentioned below were the issues which we observed:

  1. In Dynamics 365, after navigating to Xperido> Xperido Management > Server Status, we were getting the mentioned below error.

Xperido-Dynamics 365 Connection Error


  1. In the Xperido server, we were not seeing any request logs in the Xperido portal.

  1. There wasn’t any issue with the Xperido solution. The solution was compatible with Dynamics 365. Along with that, for the user used in Xperido-Dynamics integration, no change in security role or permissions was made.

Mentioned below highlights the exact issue which was causing the problem:

After checking the logs in Xperido Administrative Console in the Xperido server, it was observed that Xperido was giving errors during CRM connectivity. It was an authentication exception that was causing the issue. After navigating to the installation directory of Xperido in the path Program Files > Xperido > Runtime.Net, we made the following observations:

  1. The version of DLL Microsoft.CRM.SDK.Proxy.dll was not compatible with Dynamics 365.
  2. The version of DLL Microsoft.XRM.SDK.DLL was not compatible with Dynamics 365.


We just replaced the DLLs from the DLLs present in Dynamics 365 SDK.

This resolved the issue.

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