Azure Text Analytics API’s and Usage in Dynamics CRM

Using Azure Text Analytics API’s , we can set up processes that can analyze keywords during an interaction with the customer and provide some insights on the overall experience of the customer.

Text Analytics API demo is available on the following URL

As illustrated in the demo, we can analyze the text entered and share insights in terms of  Language Detected, Sentiment etc

We can also configure these API’s in azure cloud and then consume them in our applications.

Mentioned below are the steps to configure the Text Analytics API in the azure cloud environment

a) Navigate to azure portal, create a resource and select the category as “AI + Machine Learning”.

Text Analytics API's

b) We can then enter the details and the API’s will be configured. We will need to copy the API endpoint and an access key which we will then need to call them programmatically.

Mentioned below link explains how we can write a C# code for the same

              Usage In Dynamics CRM

We can use the Text Analytics API in many functionalities in Dynamics. For example,

Service Request Scenario

a) Saving last Customer Interaction on a Service Request – While working with a customer on a particular service request, the customer care executive can capture the interaction is some placeholder like Notes or Annotation.

b) On save of the request, we can call the API endpoint and capture the sentiments to classify whether the interaction was “Positive”, “Negative” or “Neutral”.

c) Now when the customer calls again, based upon the previous sentiment analysis with the customer, the customer care executive can drive the conversation.



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