Microsoft Dynamics Portals – How to Clear a Lookup Attribute

In Microsoft Portal’s sometimes we need some logic to clear values in a lookup attribute.

In such cases we can use the mentioned below code snippet to do the same


“attribute” is the schema name of the lookup record in Dynamics.

Microsoft Dynamics Portals – Configuring Multi Steps in a Web Form Step

There is a property present in the web form step using which the different tabs in an Entity form will appear as separate steps.

This property comes in use when the web form step which needs to be configured is having a lot of information. In some cases, exploring the need to configure different web form steps can also be explored.

However with the below property, we will have just one web form step and still have different steps. Having different steps makes it possible to save information in small chunks i.e. steps and then come back to the web form.

As a prerequisite for this,

a) The Type of the Web form Step, should be selected as “Load Form”.

Web Form Step Type

b) Along with that the property “Auto Generate Steps from tabs” should be selected as well

Web Form Step

c) Once all this is done, navigate to the Web Form and move to the web form step.

Review that for the selected form all the tabs are displayed as separate steps in the same web form step

WEB Form Step 1

Web Form Step 2