Dynamics – Using Auto Complete Control in Unified Interface

Auto Complete Control, in Dynamics provides us a capability to render possible options in a “Single Line of Text” field based upon values present in an existing Entity which can act as a master list.

This can be very useful in scenarios such as Out of Box address attributes in Dynamics. As fields like Country are text fields, using Auto Complete control, they can be mapped to a master entity of Countries in Dynamics.

This avoids us a need to create lookup attributes on the contact to master country entity and mapping the values with the out of box country field via workflow. Or in other cases when we write a custom script to populate the possible options.

In the below example, we are configuring the auto complete on out of box country field on a contact based upon a master list of country entity

a) The first step would be to add the “Single Line of Text” field on the form, then clicking on it to navigate to “Field Properties”.

Auto Complete 1

b) In the Controls section, now add a control “Auto-Complete” and select “Web” so that it renders on the UCI interface.

c) Now select the “Auto-Complete” control, select the source as “View”. Once the “View” source is selected, user will get an option to configure “Entity”, “Respective View” and the Field in the view which will act as the source of possible options for the field.

Auto Complete 2

c) Now once, the field is viewed in the UCI, it renders the following way

Auto Complete 3

d) Auto Filtering, based upon the value entered by the user is also available.

Auto Complete 4

Importantly, if a user tries to enter a value out of the available entities in the master entity, it will be not accepted.



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