Dynamics – Tip for Managing Marketing Lists

Just wanted to share a strategy which can be used when we are managing marketing lists in Dynamics.

Problem Statement
In my last engagement, we were extensively using Click Dimensions for sending out emails on marketing lists. The marketing lists were based upon contacts and accounts which often got deactivated.

Even though the contacts were deactivated, as the records were still present in different marketing lists, emails were still going to them which was causing bad experience.


We can assume a two fold approach.

  • For Dynamic Marketing List – We should encourage users to always use the filter condition of “Active” records. This will ensure that deactivated contacts are automatically excluded from the marketing list.
  • For Static Marketing List – We can either

1. Configure configure system administrator to cleanse the marketing lists by using a similar view

Inactive Contacts

In the above view, we are filtering out inactive contacts, which are present in any  marketing list.

2. Or configure some custom logic to remove the deactivated contact from all the static marketing list.


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