Dynamics / Click Dimensions – Tip for handling Potential Data Quality Issues

On many occasions we rely on external ISV’s such as Click Dimensions for marketing any event happening in the organisation from Dynamics.

One issue that we often face is how to ensure data quality of the contacts being created in Dynamics from such ISV’s.

For example in one such instance below, we are using Click Dimensions to capture registrations for a contact in Dynamics.

Registration Updated.PNG

Now the challenge is, when it comes to mappings,  Organisation is a lookup in Dynamics but in the Web Content , we can only expose it as a free text. This can cause potential data quality issues, as if the name of organisation does not exactly matches the name in Dynamics , it will not link the Contact with the Organisation.

A potential solution would be to create a custom workflow assembly and follow the mentioned below steps

a) On the Web Content add a mandatory field of Organisation Web Site. In the formatting, using Regex expression, section ensure that users enter the web address in a predetermined format. In the below screenshot, we are doing a custom regex to ensure that no relative paths are present in the URL. This helps us in identifying the parent organisation better.

WebSite Formating.PNG

b) Write a custom workflow on create of contact, and do a lookup on the existing organisations present in the system. If we find a match on the web site link the organisation to the registered contact.

c) Finally to keep organisation web site data clean in Dynamics, enable duplication detection rules in Dynamics.





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